The Challenge

A unique smart and patented engine for mobile applications.

On top of it we developed two applications:

A smart instant messaging mobile application

A unique solution for effective on-street parking


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 The Team


Natan Barkan (CEO)

Aeronautical engineer, a graduate of the Technion – Technological Institute Of Israel (cum laude.)

Over 25 years of business development experience and managerial successful record.

Proven record as CEO in diverse industries such as beverage and retail.

Volunteer in EWB (Engineers Without Borders) as a board member, and “Keren Shemesh” as a Mentor helping young entrepreneurs setting up their startup operation.






Avi Solomon (CTO)

Agriculture engineer, a graduate of the Technion - Technological Institute Of Israel.

Over 30 years of experience in systems analysis and S/W of big scale projects in various domains and various industrial companies and public organizations.



Target Audience:


Any of the 2.5-billion smartphone users who need to get a hold of someone they cannot reach the old-fashioned way.


Business Model:




Advanced services

Broadcast fee

Reserved nicknames
And more…..


Funds and Allocation:


In-house:    $140,000 US

Seed:         $1,500,000 US

Usage:     R&D


 Penetration tests

 Current expenses



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About Zehhoo


Zehhoo is a unique messaging mobile application that enables users to connect to others (individuals, businesses or a community) without knowing their phone number or their application code. All you need is one snippet of the user’s information or some form of common ground to establish the connection.


This might be their address, any ID or any card number, skill (if licensed i.e. lawyer or doctor) or many other data points.


We call it:







Challenge: Have you ever tried to

contact someone without a phone

number or app code?


Today’s chat applications connect on the basis of a recipient’s mobile phone number or app code. These apps have a restricted capability for communicating with anyone, anytime, anywhere, limiting a vast amount of users or businesses that would like to communicate with anyone outside of their direct contacts or databases.










The Solution: Zehhoo


We’ve taken typical instant messaging functionality, and

elevated it by pairing it with a patented hyper-intelligent engine that allows you to reach users using pinpoint user technology.



Sounds great but how does it work?


    In order for the sender to contact the recipient, the sender has to know some sort of information about the user that the sender is trying to reach (eg. car license number, physical address)

    The Zehhoo smart engine then converts this snippet of information into the recipient’s mobile phone identifier and sends the recipient the message

    For direct contact - The sender should somehow know the recipient small snippet of info

    For a Broadcast conversation - only owners within the specified criteria and with the specific broadcast receiving enabled flag receives the message

      The process is completely anonymous and controlled with the highest level of privacy and data security


This allows users to connect to anyone who has the app, using just a small piece of information while delivering complete peace of mind when it comes to privacy and data security.



















    Complete anonymity

    Data protection and privacy security

    A snippet piece of info is all that’s needed to connect with any user

    Less time and money spent trying to find someone’s contact details

    Broadcast messages to a wider audience

    Spam prevention

    Excellent solution for businesses and communities - easy to use, unique filtering parameters and little management is required



There is a myriad of potential apps,

here are examples of a few:


    Communicate with unknown property owners or vehicle drivers

    Communicate with unknown professionals like doctors or lawyers

    Communicate with any card-holders like owners of credit cards, student cards, driver’s license cards, ID cards, passport, etc.

    Communicate with active and even non-active email account owners

    Communicate with an event participant like a sports race or a flight passenger

    Communicate with organization employees and other communities

    Parking alerts and management, for instance, users can find an open space or reserve a space for their car

    Cities can utilize the service for smart parking management

      Queues - Zehhoo can alert you the current status of a queue (for a doctor, in the post office or at the bank for example) empowering users to optimize their time

      Communicate with Call Centers











About ZehPoh


ZehPoh is a unique mobile application that enables drivers to easily find a promised free on-street parking space.
A virtual dispatcher which handle the public on-street parking spaces will find, reserve and direct to the closest free parking space.
The parking space handling is different from the common methods (sensors, image processing, and statistic algorithm). It is based on a simple rule –
Park according the system guidance.

Invaders will be punished

מקבילית: Easily park and go to your way







The Challenge


Most cities are looking for tech solution to some of their oldest problem:

Managing parking in busy metropolises.


Citizens often travel by car and experience uncertainty while wasting precious time trying to locate parking space.
This often has an unintended effect on businesses that lose customers due to parking limitation.


The Solution: ZehPoh


Smart parking management via virtual dispatcher using the vehicle as a sensor.
Easy to use.
Guaranteed parking.
Time saving
Relaxed and safe experience.
Simple and cheap infrastructure.
Rapid deployment.
Wide-scale of information retrieval.

Sounds great but how does it work?


Establish a new parking request.
Select a reference point and maximum distance.

The ZehPoh smart engine will response you with the free parking space location which reserved specially for you.

Calmly drive to the location and park your car




    Parking becomes a pleasure

    Increased safety and efficiency

    Low investment

    Speedy deployment

    No Maintenance

    Provide rich data

    Implies an economic benefit


Scalability is the fastest and cheapest when compared to competing solutions



Helping cities get smarter:


Assist in city planning
Improve road infrastructure
Improved traffic flow into cities


Information of the real parking duration to collect accurate fees


Who will ZehPoh Serve?



    Parking Operators

    Businesses (increases accessibility)

    Residents (reduce pollution, road safety)

Business Model:


    Subscription fee

    parking commission

    Reports and information retrieval

    Advanced services




How Does it look like?





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